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You vs your average high street bank

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Welcome to Eiger FX Direct

At EigerFXDirect we believe that your money is just that – yours. Unlike High Street banks and foreign exchange bureaus we don’t charge commission or sneak in any hidden fees. We will also give you the best rate of exchange. Guaranteed.

For every £10,000 transferred abroad, we can save you on average £400 compared to your bank. Money saved. Bank beaten.

As the market professionals, we know how to save individuals and SMEs money when they make or receive international payments.


Opening an account with us takes just a few minutes. It's free, lets you see live rates and carries zero obligation.


Log in and send money around the world with the click of a button and the blink of a bank manager’s eye.

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Why Use Eiger FX Direct


Beat Your Bank

Banks and other currency providers often charge up to 5% in fees. We charge 0% commission and guarantee you the best rate of exchange. Simple


Smart Tech

Our mission statement is to have the best online international payments system. User-friendly, fast and secure.


Easy as $, £, €

Open an account, log in and send your money around the world within the blink of a bank manager’s eye. Fast and simple foreign exchange for the SME and individual.

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Open an account

Opening an account with us takes just a few minutes of your time. It is also free and carries no cost or obligation to trade.